What makes fortified red wine different?

Fortified wine is also known as dessert wine. Fortified red wine and a red and white wine gift set involves higher alcohol content as compared to other wines. The more amount of alcohol is due to the addition of large number of spirits.

Sweet and Dry fortified wine

Both sweet and dry fortified wines are made by using the same principle. First of all the wine is fermented and then spirits are added in it. The manufactures are able to control the taste and the sweetness and dryness of wine by adding spirits. If the makers add the spirit before fermentation, then the sweet fortified wine is produced. And if the makers add spirit in wine after the fermentation, then dry fortified wine is produced.

How fermentation happens

Wine normally ferments when the yeast breakdown the sugar molecules into grapes in order to produce ethanol. The strain of yeasts totally comes to an end after the fermentation process.

Types of fortified wine

There are different types of fortified wines but the most popular fortified wines are sherry and port. Port wine comes from the Douro Valley in Portugal whereas Sherry wine is a Spanish wine and is obtained from Jerez de la Frontera.